ridecamp@endurance.net: Sack-o-Matic


Sally Aungier (aungish@unos.org)
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 08:20:58 -0400

How about horses sacking each other out ????
My ride partner also has a horse (Apache) that was imprinted. He loves
nothing more than to steal a bag of any sort and drag it around the
pasture. This week he has started using his big blue horse ball to
terrorize his pasture mates. He carries it and chases the other horses
around the pasture bouncing it all over their bodies. Jerry, the
foxtrotter, finally caught on. Now when he sees Apache heading for the
ball, he goes and guards it by stands over it and saying "no way you are
going to hit me with this thing again". One of those video tape moments
you have to see to appreciate.

Sally Aungier

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