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Di. Regendanz (dvr@interlog.com)
Thu, 06 Feb 1997 20:22:53 -0500

Hey there Roger: ECTRA might be the only U.S association to have a
mandatory helmet rule. O (0ntario) CTR has had that rule in place for a few
years now. Endurance, CTR and R ' T. In fact, any time anyone is on a
horse on the grounds at a ride they must wear a helmet. Last year at
0ctoberfest a film crew was shooting the ride for a TV production. The
hostess was on a horse (a seasoned,WEG endurance horse) introducing the show
and being led by her co-host. He was leading the horse up and down at a
trot towards the camera with the young lady bouncing merrily along - hair
flying in the wind. The Ride Manager could not persuade her that she had to
have a helmet on; she didn't want to "spoil her hair". Finally the Head
Vet. had a little chat with her and moments later both she and the winded
co-host were sporting helmets!
We had an incident at one ride sometime before that rule went into place
when a competitor's horse decided to go under a tree across a trail instead
of around it as everyone else did. She got a good concussion and ended up
in hospital for a few days withher husband threatening to sue the Ride and
the Association. The ironic part was that she had been wearing a helmet all
during the ride and had discarded it within the last few miles. So you
never know when a tree branch or rock has your name on it.
By the way, OCTRA 'liased'/corresponded with ECTRA 'way back when in
69/70's. We even had a recipricol points arrangement and shared many rule
changes. ...when is ECTRA going to come back on line? You'd gone off by
the time I got my computer and got hooked on the 'net. Am looking forward
to seeing you back. I have your rule book - boy! is it a big one, but our
rules vary very little it seems
I have some "falling off" tales to tell too but will save them for another
time - one worse than the gal who got chased by a trail bike. That was
really scarey.
Happy trails.
Di. Rz.

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