ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Falling Off - Learning to Let Go

Re: Falling Off - Learning to Let Go

Leif Neland (leifn@roskildebc.dk)
06 Feb 97 06:53:51 +0100

I have an idea, never tried it in reality:

Take an expandable dog-leash. The ones where the leash rolls up into the handle and can expand from 2 to say 30 feet.
Attatch the handle to your body. Attatch the hook to the bit in one side or on the middle of the one half on the reigns.
Not the middle, the idea is to pull the horse around, not to put an even pull on both reigns.

Would that be a feasable idea when riding in remote areas, where you _really_ don't want to walk home?

Leif Neland
Internet: leifn@roskildebc.dk

|Fidonet:  Leif Neland 2:234/49
|Internet: leifn@swimsuit.roskildebc.dk

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