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DreamWeaver (karen@chaton.gardnerville.nv.us)
Thu, 06 Feb 1997 10:43:06 -0800

> Due to this, I now just about refuse to use reins that are not of
>leather, or
>don't have leather ends. One of my greatest fears, also, is when I have the
>gathered up at a gallop or trot, the hanging loop will catch around my foot???

A simple solution is to use hardware (metal or brass snaps) on the ends of
your reins. If your horse steps on the reins or gets tangled up badly, the
hardware will break. At least I have always found that the snaps break,
long before the reins do, and it is a lot less expensive to replace snaps
than reins.

It is also beneficial in a controlled environment to teach our horses how to
deal with reins falling, getting underfoot and possibly wrapped around one
of their legs. (have a trainer help if necessary) I have done this with
both of my horses and now they know to wait to be rescued rather than panic.
When Weaver steps on his reins (I ground tie him a lot) he knows, and he
will either just stand there or back up a step and stand there. We did
break a few snaps learning this lesson. :^)

I don't know about the hanging loop catching on a foot - perhaps the reins
are too long? I hold the reins in both hands and keep the extra part &
rommel in one hand right behind the first part of the rein.

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Weaver
& Rocky

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