ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: how many Mcal does a competing endurance horse need..

Re: how many Mcal does a competing endurance horse need..

Duncan Fletcher (dfletche@gte.net)
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 09:38:59 -0800

>From NRC's Nutrient Requirements for Horses:
where DE is digestible energy in Mcal and BW is body weight in kg.
Maintenance: (200-600kg BW) : DE = 1.4 + 0.03 BW
Light Work: DE = 1.25 (maintenace DE)
Moderate Work: DE = 1.50 (maintenace DE)
Intense Work: DE = 2.00 (maintenace DE)

Examples of light work are Western & English pleasure, bridle path hack,
equitation, etc.
Examples of moderate work ranch work, roping , cutting, barrel racing,
jumping etc.
Examples of intense work are race training, polo, etc.

For those of you have actually kept the same horse in both maintenance and
competitive conditions, is the 2.00 multiplier about right in your

> From: Michael K Maul <mmaul@micro.ti.com>
> To: ridecamp@endurance.net
> Subject: how many Mcal does a competing endurance horse need..
> Date: Thursday, February 06, 1997 8:15 AM
> i see several different views on the proper amount of Mcal for
> the "average" competing endurance horse. i say average since there
> certainly are individual differences.
> these views are fairly different. anyone have comments on which of these
> is appropriate?
> mike
> mmaul@micro.ti.com
> houston, tx
> ***** from a post today ****
> >sunflower. Coupled with some dried molasses, the horse gets about 16
> >calories (16million calories) which is a bit below what they need for
hard work
> >(a horse needs about 0.033mega calories per kilogram of body weight for
> maintenance). In our case, the balance is made up from pasture. I
> *****
> .033 for a 900lb(409kg) arab is 13.5Mcal/day. this matches well with
> the feedstore says of 16Mcal for 1100 lb horse
> *****
> vs *** previous post
> >It can be hard to achieve 12% fat by weight of the total diet, but it
> >can be done with corn oil. A hard working horse weighing around 900
> >lbs needs about 27-30 Mcal of DE each day .

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