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Regarding Reins...
I have this thing about my horse stepping on the reins which causes
me to
be afraid to use anything but leather. The best horse I ever had stepped on
reins once, while walking up a steep hill, I lost MY footing and dropped
Thankfully, they broke, as leather-I have heard- is supposed to, and for
that I
was most grateful. I just patched them together and they are still in use.

Due to this, I now just about refuse to use reins that are not of
leather, or
don't have leather ends. One of my greatest fears, also, is when I have the
gathered up at a gallop or trot, the hanging loop will catch around my
Any suggestions to avoid this???
` | \____\\
_( ) \ Charlene Bartholomae
\-\~~~_|\ \ Department of Pathology
` \ ` \ ` Tulane Regional Primate Research Center
18703 Three Rivers Road.
` ` Covington, Louisiana 70433
e-mail: charle@tpc.tulane.edu >>
May I ask just how long your reins are hanging? I have never had this kind of
problem and I am having trouble imagining how long the reins must be to get
tangled in your foot or for the horse to step on them. I think we need more

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