ridecamp@endurance.net: Desensatizing (or sacking out)

Desensatizing (or sacking out)

Jacqueline Mansfield (jaxson@leopard.com)
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 11:19:58 -0700

I have a question on "sacking out" or desensatizing a horse to

This morning when I went out to feed there was only a couple of
scoops ofgrain left in the bag (that I have cut down to better reach
the grain atthe bottom, so it actually is a fourth of a bag) so I
decided just to pourthe grain from the bag into Winza's feeder. When I
went in his stall topour it in he gave a scared look at the bag, he
didn't move away very farthough, so I decided to sack him out with the
empty bag while he waseating. He did pretty well, I didn't put his
halter on so he scurried outinto his run a few times to get away from
the bag monster but he didn't runme over to do so (just *quickly*
walked past, then he came back in when I stood quietly to the side) and
he didn't bolt or do any snorting. For the most part he stood in place
shaking a little in fear while I crumpled, rubbed, and shook the bag
all over and around him. I was elated at his response but I would like
to get him to the point where he completely ignores the bag.
I want to work with him every morning, but am I wrong to only
work him with this while he is eating and in his stall? My concerns
are: He is so anxious to eat that he might be tolerating a situation he
wouldn't normally because he is hungry, he might react differently
outside his stall than he does inside, I don't want to upset his
digestion be scaring the begeezus out of him while he's eating.
What do you guys think?

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