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sacking out

MS LOUISE D BURTON (XXDU78A@prodigy.com)
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 18:36:53, -0500

Yes, you are wrong to sack him out while he is eating. That is their time.
I have had excellent success getting a horse used to things like plastic
sacks by feeding them from one though. My horse runs TOWARD a bread sack!
The point in sacking out is that the horse cannot escape and he realizes
the monster is not going to eat him after all. You must tie the horse so
he cannot get loose at a place where he will not hurt himself. At Cal
Poly, SLO, in horse training class, we used to tie them up and used a
mattress to prevent injury. Use a neck rope through the halter. It is
VERY important that you tie up a leg (how to do that is too long for here)
otherwise you defeat your purpose because the horse just runs around and,
in his mind, is "getting away".
I have had 100% success in curing kickers this way. I have had marginal
success with shiers, particulary Arabians.
When I first got my Russian stallion he would kick wickedly when he was
afraid of something or got spooked. This was a real danger to our small
children! I tied him up, tied up a leg (at first) and sat down and threw
all my crushed aluminum cans at his back legs! After three days of this, he
never kicked at anything again! You can also tie a plastic sack on the end
of a lunge whip which puts you out of those hind legs' reach!
Louise Burton

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