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Re: Falling Off

Bonnie Snodgrass (snodgrab@ncr.disa.mil)
Wed, 05 Feb 97 06:40:46 EST

Julia, horses typically respond from pain or fear not ulterior
motives. You may have simply poked this mare in the side with your toe
or your saddle/girth may have caused a discomfort that suprised her. I
went thru this with a horse I'd broke and been riding for several
months. For some reason I started to mount slightly differently and
began poking my toe into his ribs a bit instead of the girth. It took
about 3 tosses thru the air for me to catch on. Slow learner!

Bonnie Snodgrass

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Subject: Falling Off
Author: ridecamp@endurance.net at smtp
Date: 2/4/97 12:10 PM

I sent my new endurance horse a 6 yr old mare
to a trainer in our area for 2 months for breaking
and training. About 6 weeks into her training I went
over to the trainers home to see how things were going.
My trainer was pleased with her progress and felt she would
be an excellent endurance horse. Well I went over saddled
and bridled the horse, only difference being I used my light
endurance saddle as the trainers saddle was much too big
for me. I was feeling very confident and looking forward to
riding my mare. I started to mount and was just about to
put my foot in the other stirrup when out of the blue this mare
starts bucking, after 3 or 4 good ones off I went. Boy did that
hurt. Anyways I have not been able to bring myself to ride this
mare, my friend rode her the rest of the summer with no major
problems. It is a real shame as she really is a good mare.
Do you think is was my saddle she objected too or just me??
Any advice would be great as I hate to give up on my mare.

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