ridecamp@endurance.net: FOUND A HORSE!!


Lauren Horn (fourhorn@mail.fia.net)
Tue, 04 Feb 1997 22:24:03 -0800

Hi Everyone!

After months of looking, I finally bought a horse!! She is pretty much
(and pretty too) what I was looking for except for a longer back. I
never found a perfect horse, but Oh, how I tried! I just know I will
have to be careful with saddle fit and use the hills around my house to
strengthen the back muscles. My first task is to get some weight on her
and into “normal” condition as she has been ignored for some time in
pasture. I’m hopeful because up until a few years ago she was raised
right and has a good foundation to start from.
She passed her vet check with flying colors and he commented on her
fast pulse recovery even with being so out of shape. I have hope. I will
get her Friday when she steps off the transport rig from Central/No.
I wasn’t looking for endurance lines, but it turns out on her dams
side she has Cougar Rock, Al-Marah Knight, Rushcreek Ivy andAbu Farwa
and others whose names I don’t know. If any one knows these lines I
would be grateful to get more information.
Thanks to everyone who answered my questions and vet referrals. I
really appreciate this group. Now, finally after 2 years of reading
everything I could get my hands on, volunteering at rides, and wanting
to become an “endurance rider” I am on the road to.......
.......falling off.
I fell off or I should say was thrown off so many times as a kid I
never even think twice about it. But after reading all the funny, scary
and serious stories out there I am beginning to feel a twitch of fear in
my spine. I guess age may have something to do with it, or my own
realization that I’m not as limber and bouncy as I used to be, well
maybe bouncy ;-) Reading the stories I definitely decided to wear a
helmet EVERY TIME.
My Funny Story. I invited a high school friend ( now my
brother-in-law) to ride my horse as he had never rode. I put my mare on
the lunge line and gave Jay a leg up on the saddle. The saddle was a
jumping saddle and I instructed Jay to hold onto the pommel. My mare
knew voice commands very well and she walked around in a circle. He was
comfortable at a walk so I told my mare to trot and she promptly agreed.
As a beginner rider he bounced around in the saddle holding on to the
front of the saddle and before I knew it my horse had increased her
speed slightly and Jay was just bouncing along, up and down, faster and
faster. By this time I was laughing so hard at I could not tell my horse
to walk or whoa, so she just kept going, trotting faster. I was laughing
so hard and poor Jay was holding on so tight and bouncing so much that
the saddle started slipping.
The saddle was slipping and Jay was holding tight, and the saddle
slipped all the way around, upside down under her belly. Jay was still
holding on, upside down, and I was doubled over in hysterical laughter (
remember we were in high school) . Realizing the situation he was in I
found the determination to stop laughing and yelled Whoa. The mare
promptly stopped with Jay upside down, still holding on to the front of
the saddle , with his legs wrapped around the horse. To this day we
still laugh about it. He must have been really bouncing because the
mare was a HIGH withered horse.

Can’t Wait For The Weekend,

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