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Linda VanCeylon (LVanCeylon@vines.ColoState.EDU)
Tue, 4 Feb 97 8:53:47 -0700

>I heard and saw enough to know that I did't want to sell my horse to the
however, to confuse the actions of a totally different culture with the
that prize money might have on the sport doesn't make a lot of sense to

<Jerry Barfield>

Hi Jerry,

Here's the perspective from my jaded eye.

We have horse events here in the US which are $ driven and the horses, and
yes even their riders, are expendable. Granted greatly tempered, perhaps
by our culture, from the extreme alleged in UAE. But, I've been close to
horse racing and seen it's dirty underbelly.

I can visualize Endurance headed in the same direction, as other horse
racing sports, with $ added. Particularly, if there is pressure to shorten
the distance in $ races. Furthermore, who's to say AERC will be the
governing body of such events? IMO, probably not IF we make some policy on
prize $ now.

Linda Van Ceylon

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