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Tue, 04 Feb 97 03:18:58 GMT

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> Paul Fitzgerald
> wrote--------------------------------------------------------
> The experience with Australian horses going to the UAE appears to be less
> than
> encouraging.
> Please note this information is hearsay - but it is only 2nd hand from a
> friend
> who was just over there working in a vet hospital.
> Several top Australian horses have gone over to the UAE, and have since
> died.
> The vetting procedures are very lax, because the vets are paid by the
> Sheiks,
> so they a more lenient than normal. After one ride recently, all but one
> horse
> from a race ended up in the hospital ( the one exception was ridden by an
> Australian).
> It appears that the horses are over-ridden, and if they break down, they
> are
> shot.
> Food for thought.
> ------------------------------
> Hi Paul,
> I've heard similar accounts of horses form the US which were sold and
> shipped to UAE. The things I heard were all totally rumors. But, I have
> no reason not to believe them.
> You bet it's food for thought. Makes me think of where we're headed with
> money driving our sport.
> Linda Van Ceylon
> lvanceylon@vines.colostate.edu
I heard and saw enough to know that I did't want to sell my horse to the UAE;
however, to confuse the actions of a totally different culture with the effect
that prize money might have on the sport doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Jerry Barfield

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