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RE: Helmet Hot Button!

Connie Hoge (pvtevt@msn.com)
Mon, 3 Feb 97 20:26:11 UT

Sandy, you wrote:
>How about this? We have always felt that if an adult chooses not to wear >a
helmet - whether on a horse or a motorcycle or whatever - he or she >should
have the right to do so.


>Accordingly, any party who could in any way be held liable for any
>injurywould then be free of any obligation, including but not
>limited to, Medicare, private insurance (unless an additional rider for this
>purpose in purchased), ride management, or whoever.

I don't know? In "anyway"? Isn't negligent behavior - negligent -
regardless of what I'm wearing ?

>Along with the rights
>come the responsibilities, and this to us is fair and judicious.

No problem with responsibility. Don't believe that others have the right to
make me strap in or strap on, because they think I should. Just like everyone
has the right to wear full body armor if they want. I don't have the right to
tell them they can't! It starts with what we think of as a "small" thing -
especially if it doesn't directly pertain to us - then before we know it -
we'll be wearing helmets to take a walk in the park. Can you see that
coming??? After all - we were born nude - or did I miss something? *Smile*

But - if I feel safer wearing a helmet - I will. Sometimes I wish I'd had one
on. Once, on a slippery bridge, my mare went over backwards on me. Knocked
me cold. I woke up, finished the ride. Another time we were doing a (stupid)
run on gravel when my horse turned right & I flew left. My husband saw the
whole thing & said my neck would have been broken had I been wearing a helmet.

Another time, I stood on a 5 gallon paint bucket to hammer in a nail over my
head, & went over backwards onto rock. Then, same year - I stepped up onto a
big log to get in the camper with thongs on, slipped, went over backward &
bashed my head on hard ground. Didn't have one on then either.

Maybe it all gets down to minding our own business? i.e. I would never
belittle anyone for wearing anything that made them feel safe. The flip side
would be them not belittling me for not.

If the AERC would like to promote the wearing of helmets GREAT! I'm all for
it, and on occassion will probably wear one. Just don't try to MAKE me, or
limit my rights as a dues paying member.

My 2 cents
Connie Hoge

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