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Re: Completion Certificates

MS LOUISE D BURTON (XXDU78A@prodigy.com)
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 22:57:35, -0500

I HATE ride certificates!!!
E-Mail Karen in Gardnerville, she has lots of little items she can get for
1 or 2 dollars. If you look, you can find neato stuff for $1-2. I spend a
good portion of my money on all kinds of awards for all kinds of
things...oldest mare, gelding, lowest AERC rider number, furtherest
distance travelled...the awards ceremony can last 45 minutes, but everyone
seems to have a great time!
Our club, OCER, ordered these really neat photo albums with the club logo
on them for $3.00 apiece from a PROM catalog!!
I can see how some people would not like the little stuff, but if you try
to make the little stuff something neat and worthwhile (usable)....
Just my opinion. There are probably just as many people who would rather
have certificates?
Louise Burton

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