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Re: [endurance] Stirrup Leathers

Kathy Myers (kmyers@biodata.com)
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 08:42:55 -0800

Hi Everyone!

Busy... busy... busy here so haven't talked to anyone out there
for a while. But I do keep tabs on the goings on. ;)

I have a pair of biothane stirrup leathers that Dom at Go the
Distance made for me last year. She's either going to appreciate
the business or kill me for this post since she didn't want to
make them at first... said they are out of favor due to streching
at the holes. However, she did a great job and I *love* them.
She doubled the biothane at the holes to give them more strength
and they still look brand new. Mine have not stretched at all.
I spend a lot of time pounding on them trying to post the rough
ex-race horse's trot. Besides, they are just pretty.

:) - kat in No. Cal (who loves Arabs as much as anyone...)
... and Magnum the TB who Gary Stevens once rode to victory!
PS: I've been meaning to point out to those of you who may not have
noticed ;-) that Linda Hemrick's Sugar Shennanigans is a TB!
A first, a second, and a BC posted right here on the list
results. Hurray! :) :) :) And thanks Samm for taking the time
to include the spotted horses and TBs in your ride results.