ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Equithotics (sneakers) wear

[endurance] Equithotics (sneakers) wear

Nick Warhol (nwarhol@mscorp.kla.com)
Mon, 12 Aug 96 09:42:00 PDT

Tina just mentioned she tried the new Equithotics shoes, and was wondering
about wear. I have had one set of fronts on Shatta now, and have reset them
a second time. They are wearing, but might be able to go a third time. I
am putting new ones on since I had one of the toe clips break off while up
in the rocky Sierras. (rare to have that happen) I started out with the
fronts only, and used steel on the back. I have not done any really long
rides yet (more than 15 miles) since his injury, but I am convinced his
front legs are not filling up as much as they used to with steel shoes. His
rear legs have good size windpuffs with steel shoes, and I am going to do a
real careful evaluation when I put Equithotics on the rear next week.

Tina is absolutely correct on the traction issue- they really work well on
pavement, and also hard packed dirt roads. The only situation I have found
them slippery in is wet grass, but there is not much of that in Northern
California, especially in summer.

Cleaning the shoes is easier as well, but watch out for rocks which can get
stuck in the "hole" on the bottom of the shoes. You can use a glob of
silicon glue on rocky rides, and remove it when you are done.

My farrier was the same- at first it took him a while, but now he is better
at it, especially when he resets them.

Shatta makes a distinctive sound when walking on pavement- sort of a
thud/clop (front feet thud, rear feet in steel shoes go clop) Next week he
will be thud/thud.

Judy and I did an experiment- she tried the Slypners, and I tried the
Sneakers. Our feeling on the Slypners is they might work well in some
applications, but did not work well for her and Warpaint. Two major

1- The inserts are a pain to get in if you have to have the shoe shaped
significantly. I think it would be better if the shoe went on as it comes,
but that seems unlikely. She only lost an insert a couple of times, and was
able to put them back on. If you lose an insert, and ride at all on the
base shoe, you will damage the clips and rims which hold the inserts on.
Then you are using an easy boot or walking home.

2- They wore out WAY to fast. 30 miles on warpaint and the rears were as
thin as paper. Granted he sort of "skids" his rear feet when he trots, but
to have to change inserts 2 or 3 times in a single ride? Thats too much.
Besides, you have to carry the huge removal tool with you.

She is thinking of trying the Sneakers next time as well. We will keep you

Nick Warhol
Hayward, Ca

Shatta who goes thud/clop in the night.

Rowan the retired who does not need all these fancy shoes, thank you.