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[endurance] Yaay!

Karen Malcor (karen.malcor@feed.com)
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 17:34:00 GMT

SIR'S PRIDE - a 1987 Bay mare by SIR IWONKATEZ and out of
GERROLD'S PRIDE, completed the awsome 100-mile in 1 day endurance
ride known as the Tevis Cup. A very respectable middle-of-the-pack
finish time (50th of 101) in a race who's slogan is "To finish IS to

SIR'S PRIDE was ridden by her owner, Heidi Paul.

SIR'S PRIDE was bred by Karen P. Malcor... who is as proud as punch!

How many other Tevis-cup horses have breeders who are online here?
(survey? article? braggin' rights? <g>)

- Karen
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