ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Horse for Sale - S. Calif.

Re: [endurance] Horse for Sale - S. Calif.

Joyce Kellenberger (joyce@homer.ca.boeing.com)
Thu, 8 Aug 96 20:08:03 PDT

> This is the same Arab mare I posted about a couple months ago. My friend is
> now even more desparate then before to sell this mare before the end of the
> month. The mare is in Orange, CA. She's asking $1500 for her now, $1000
> off her last asking price..
> Anyways, my husband won't let me buy her :g: and I hate to see her go to
> auction at the end of the month. She has no trail experience to speak of,
> but definitely has the ability to go all day, and is so well trained. We
> had 3 adults ( 1 heavy weight) and 3 children on her last night and turned
> out and lunged, etc. Her legs looked good and she never breathed heavy once.
> I have pictures that I can email - if you are interested or know anyone who
> may be, email me ASAP and I can email you pictures, give you her email and
> her phone no.
Comment: It saddens me so much to see perfectly useful animals "go to
auction" or be destroyed because the market is so glutted with horses. I
understand there is a need for breeding operations and everyone wants to
breed that one-of-a-kind horse that will be the envy of all and lend
credibility to their particular breeding operation. However, there are
thousands of unwanted horses out there because of the prolific breeding
"just to see what we'll get". Before you breed, please look around and
try to give an existing horse a chance. After all, all horses are project
horses to some degree. Instead of trying to breed the perfect horse, how
about buying a good horse and making it better with patience, intelligence,
and love.