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[endurance] Horse for Sale - S. Calif.

videoman (videoman@netcom.com)
Wed, 07 Aug 1996 22:21:14 -0700

This is the same Arab mare I posted about a couple months ago. My friend is
now even more desparate then before to sell this mare before the end of the
month. The mare is in Orange, CA. She's asking $1500 for her now, $1000
off her last asking price..

14 yr grey reg. arab mare, 15 hh, beautful and typey - ribbons in head
classes and halter, as well as under saddle. Well trained (though not
ridden much recently) and shown successfully A circuit. Has been used
recently as a brood mare (3yr old son on site 4 yr old son showing
successfully in A circuit in Ohio) and for riding lessons - incl. lead line.
professionally trained western and dressage.

Her lines are: Kaborr daughter (Naborr granddaughter), Bask grandaughter,
Fadjur granddaughter and her dam is Kahlua.

This mare is so gentle and pleasant on the ground. I go in there and pet
her, brush her, turn her out and watch her run like the wind. Clips, loads,
trailers, feet, no bad habits or vices. I got to ride her for the first
time yesterday and she was like a carousel horse. Arched neck, lots of
action, but very very smooth. Very athletic, side passes without thinking.
She wanted to go go, but listened when I said no. She had "concerns" about
certain scarey items in the area (1st time ridden in 3 months, 1st time out
of stall in 1 month!) but no real spooks. She's a bit barn sour, but you
can see how good she is. Lot's of fun.

Anyways, my husband won't let me buy her :g: and I hate to see her go to
auction at the end of the month. She has no trail experience to speak of,
but definitely has the ability to go all day, and is so well trained. We
had 3 adults ( 1 heavy weight) and 3 children on her last night and turned
out and lunged, etc. Her legs looked good and she never breathed heavy once.

I have pictures that I can email - if you are interested or know anyone who
may be, email me ASAP and I can email you pictures, give you her email and
her phone no.

- Carrie (and Graham - "mare? what mare?")

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