ridecamp@endurance.net: Re[2]: [endurance] Tevis: Blood in Urine

Re[2]: [endurance] Tevis: Blood in Urine

LONG JUDY (long.judy@smtpgateway.centigram.com)
Tue, 06 Aug 96 09:52:13 PST

Linda Cowles wrote:

>We vetted in, got "A"s on everything but impulsion, which was his normal
>"B", and, as we walked away, he squatted and pee'd a dark stream of urine.
>We went back to the same vet (a guy I have tons of respect for) who was
>as stumped as I was. I had blood drawn and pulled from the ride. When the
>results came back I was really glad. He had definitely had a serious tie-up
>episode. I forget what his CPK was, but it was definitely abnormal.

>I've since talked to several vets who have said that yes, this does
>happen, and that there are some riders that have tie-up problems during
>rides and will only pull if required to. I've also heard of "strategies"
>for getting a horse through "an attack" and back out on the trail to
>finish the ride.
>I have no idea what the long term impact is to the soundness of the horse,
>but my guess is, not good.

I had the same type of experience at the Oakland Hills ride a few years back.
My horse vetted through with no problems and everything looked normal. I was
getting ready to saddle him up to go back out and he peed a dark port wine
color. His SGOT and CPK numbers from that episode were astronomical. Warpaint
has tied up several times but this was the first and only time that it happened
at a ride. The other times have been when he hasn't had enough regular exercise
and then he gets a lot all at once.

In 1993 on Tevis at Robinson Flat, a friend of ours vetted her horse through and
he did the same thing. The vets let her go out but she ended up coming back to
Robinson and pulling. She didn't want to be out on the trail and run in to
serious problems.

I don't recommend continuing if a horse has this problem. I think the risks to
the horse's health are too great and no ride is worth finishing at that cost.

Judy Long and Nachi Sunshine (Warpaint)
Hayward, Ca.