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[endurance] Kieffer for Sale

Dominique Freeman (fadjurs@sadandy.hpl.hp.com)
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 17:28:53 -0600 (PDT)

Hi All,

Well, a long time ago (1990) my fairy godmother sent me a
nearly-new Kieffer Wien as a surprise gift (I had just bought
a house and short of the 'readies'). It was my dream saddle!
Now my fairy godmother is a little short of the readies, and I
am willing to part with it to return her kindness. It is 6 years
old, chocolate brown, in excellent condition, custom (Muir Mc Donald10/12 hide)
stirrup leathers, irons and scalloped leather girth with stretch
elastic on one side. It is 17 1/2 ", medium (32?) tree. Asking
I can bring it to the following rides if anyone is interested:

Swanton 100 (CA)
Paulina Peak 100 (Or) or Horse Thief Pass (CO) 100 (Havn't decided which)

Also for sale, Johnson (Frost) Center Ride saddle, slick fork, Racer
model, barely used and in great condition, all fitting changed to
brass, Bob Walz caged stirrups, Jan's custom saddle pad (Sheep bottom,
kodel top) asking $1000.

Call (510) 634-4412, or email at the address below.

Dom ( still riding in the my two Frost saddles and the Epic!)

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