ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] wrong name on "Team selection" to Kansas

[endurance] wrong name on "Team selection" to Kansas

Lone Aalekjśr (la@datani.dk)
Fri, 2 Aug 96 19:52:33 PDT


I am the chef d'equipe for the Danish Endurance team.

The team vet for the Danish Team has the name "Heidi Smith" and not "Heidi

If it was this online service, which set i up, please change the name.

Regard from Denmark.

Lone Aalekjaer (la@datani.dk)

PS: I you are interested, I have some result for a ride I just held in Denmark.

In Denmark we have had a CEA ride with invited riders from Holland Germany,
Sweden and Norway.

It was also an ELDRIC ride and the Danish Championship.

The result is the CEA-class 126 kilometers:

1 Grit Brint/Kaster ox/ 15.2 km/h
2. Merete Andersen/Jewel of Darkness/14.3 km/h
3. Sonja Van Willingen/Con-Tikki/12.7 km/h
Paul Pedersen/Sakim/11.8 km/h
Ineke Westers/Bonfire/Holland/10.7 km/h
Kerstin Deichmuller/Bisco/Germany completed 80 kilometers
and is now ready for Kansas.