ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Speed for 25 mile rides??

[endurance] Speed for 25 mile rides??

ROBERT J MORRIS (bobmorris@rmci.net)
Tue, 30 Jul 96 13:47:15 -0500

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It bothers me to see riders concerned about speed in a 25 mile limited
distance ride. It is for this particular reason that time is not a
consideration in these rides. The limited distance or 25 mile ride is NOT A

It is not the intent of this format to consider speed because of the
possibility of metabolic problems associated with short races. Please
consider what has happened in the past where speed was a consideration.

The best advice for a beginning rider is to go at a speed consistent with
how you have trained and conditioned. The ride is not a speed contest but a
pleasurable experience in partnership with your horse.

To Quote Dr. Matthew Mackay-Smith a few years back when asked about speed;

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance enterprises
Boise, ID