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Re: [endurance] beet pulp mix up

ssolis (ooswsejs@ix.netcom.com)
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 17:03:36 -0700

Lynn E Taylor wrote:

> I was trying to say
> that bran could be balanced with alfalfa, clover..NOT beet pulp.
> Feeding beet pulp and alfalfa together may be asking for trouble with
> Ca overload. Anyone who feeds lots of wheat bran mashes may want to
> be careful with excess P. I am so SORRY for the confusion!!! I hope
> that clears it up...Lynn

My horse is at good pasture 24 hours a day and I would like to feed beet
pulp, how do I balance it for Ca and P?
Since beet pulp has almost twice as much Ca as P and wheat bran has more
P than Ca could'nt I just safely feed 50% bran and 50% beet pulp?

The pasture has a lot of clover and also Lespedeza which I believe are
high protein high calcium forages.

Can you purchase the neccesary supplements to add to the beet pulp and is
it worth it?

Any info would be greatly appreciated and read with earnest.

Suzanne and Ali pazzazz.