ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Another OF saddle problem

Re: [endurance] Another OF saddle problem

Sat, 27 Jul 1996 01:28:48 -0400

I'm wondering since, Steph Teeter gave us OF e-mail address, if anyone tried
sending them a post? I did a week ago regarding my problems with my OF and
have not heard a word from them. Our problem has been wrinkling or wavy hair
on the shoulders. The loin rubbing is resolved with using a thin pad under
the saddle and we tried Chris's (desertrider) idea of using larger spacers
between the panels and saddle but has only helped just a little. We've tried
the shims etc. Len Brown said the biggest problem us endurance riders have is
standing in the stirrups and we should always post. The last ride I tried
always posting and not standing which at times is hard and guess what the vet
said when I came in to the check? Your horse is sore in the cantle area get
off his back and stand in your stirrups to give him relief. I wanted to let
OF know but I guess they are tired of hearing from me. Linda and Egypts El
Sareei from Reno