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[endurance] Horse For Sale

Joyce Kellenberger (joyce@homer.ca.boeing.com)
Fri, 26 Jul 96 22:18:18 PDT

This is posted for a friend:

Arabian Grey Mare for sale - Arabian Horse Registery #0372012
Mellon x Ceres Serena (Imported Polish Stallion - 1979)
Foal Date: 4/11/86

This mare is very quiet and well-mannered. She was used for a
handicapped program at Albemarle Recreation Center in North
Carolina at 6 years of age.

She has been trailered extensively across the United States.

Please direct your inquiries to:

Winona Gerrard or Heather Gerrard
12731 B Smokes Road
Arlington, WA 98223
360 403-0380

Or you can e-mail me direct and I will forward your questions/comments
to Winona.