ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] If it weren't for bad luck......

[endurance] If it weren't for bad luck......

Fri, 26 Jul 1996 22:08:45 -0400

If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Deep dark depression,
excessive misery!!! Gloom, dispare, and agony on me!!!!!!


My horse and I didn't see an overgrown 3 foot culvert and stepped off in it.
He pulled his pelvis out and has not been the same since. He has been to
the Chiropractor 3 times for adjustments. The vet/chiropractor noticed that
his back feet were high on the inside which was contributing to his sore
back problem. Changed farriers and started on corrective shoing. I ordered a
Stonewall custom fit to his back measurements. But he is still sore from the
culvert. Meanwhile all my friends are still doing the practice rides without
me. LIfe is a bitch when you can't ride. I go out everyday and check his
sore back.... Still the same..

My dear friend Mary let me ride her horse last month because she doesn't do
summer rides -- too hot. Well, we made 1 loop on the 25 and we got pulled
with a grade 3 lameness. The mare stumbled on a stick but I feel it is my bad
luck again.

My other friend, Carolyn let me ride a horse that was leased. We rode maybe 5
miles mostly walking and just as a habit I checked his back after
unsaddling. This horse I was told has never had a sore back, let me say it
was sore.!!!!!!!!!! The previous month it did a 25 and got BC. What is
going on here?????? I live to ride.... but I have nothing to ride except a
You know, when your horse is off, life just isn't the same!! I have resigned
myself to being full time pit-crew for my friends, and have been called lead
butt for breaking all of these horses. I'm really depressed!!!!! My husband
and daughter have even banned me from their horses because I might BREAK
them. What is it????? When is this black cloud going to quit following me? I
want to ride again........