ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Re: Akhal Teke - recent reactions, KSSwigart, Nathalie, Cnewbank

[endurance] Re: Akhal Teke - recent reactions, KSSwigart, Nathalie, Cnewbank

Fri, 26 Jul 1996 15:55:13 -0400


e-mail ran hot over here, with positive and negative reactions to "world war
III" (as Nathalie quipped). In addition to our private answers to those mails
IGATER wishes to state publicly, as some of the others have done:

1. As many have mailed us, disclaiming to be equated with the "heavy"
responses, we apologize to all for falling into the trap of "generalizing" as
well. We did not mean to, but - as one nice and insightful letter correctly
maintained - there is a great difference between what is regarded as civil
and polite by Europeans and Americans. To one it is still but a
matter-of-fact phrase merely without fringes, to the other it maybe already
is a severe insult. Indeed we grow together via the inet faster than we maybe
can accustom us to different cultures and we all should strive to learn about
each other (you are absolute right Nathalie).
2. None of us is anti-American, in fact most of our horses not competing in
endurance (and some which are) are ridden western-style, are being
western-trained and shown in american competitions. In Europe we
russian-horse owners/riders are closer to the american-horse owners/riders
than to classical european, thus there are many among us who regularly visit
the US. We felt attacked and falsely charged, which might explain some of the
3. KSSwigart has offered to help with the US-side of such an import, an offer
we think is exceptionally friendly, well-meant and which we accept readily
and happiness. She also explained about the background and intention of her
open letter and vice versa. We hope that we now are on a friendly footing, as
it appears to us at least as if intention and ideas actually are similar.
4. As another US-rider explained some facts to us, we understand better why
reactions were so extremely distrusting. As we in the meantime were informed,
there is no true parallel in the USA to what are called <associations of
public interest> in Europe. Such associations, and IGATER is such a one, are
not allowed by the state to earn money or be profitable, every income,
through membership fees or events, has to be completely re-invested into the
cause of this association of public interest. As most "horsey" associations
have as a main cause the furthering, help and information on the breed or
sport they represent, what we offered was nothing else but the cause and goal
of IGATER, which has to be free and open to everyone at no charge. Thus, we
do not "do business", we are not even allowed to do this, and to imply that
we are but interested in money, business and selling was to us
incomprehensible. Apparently it is equally far out for Americans to be faced
with people/associations working like ours do. We apologize that we did not
at once explain this, we -faultily - assumed that it is self-evident. (How
does this quip go, Ass- U-Me, ;*)?)
5. The reason why we offered on this newsgroup, and it really was nothing
more than a "Hi out there, anyone else interested in joining us in this?", is
that the meanwhile roughly 11-12 US people seriously interested in importing
a russia-born Teke, with the exception of one or two, have stated that they
do ride endurance and wish to do so on Akhal Teke. We thought (and still do)
that this makes such an offer an interesting item for your newsgroup. And -
as there are quite a couple of demands/offers of other horses - we thought
that this is in no way different from what usually is placed here. As we are
indeed NOT business-people or horsetraders any offer via the commercial sites
would have been quite contrary to the intentions behind it.

R. Kirsch, A. Schwab and those also looking over my shoulder
Ettlingen/German AOL