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Re: [endurance] Some Endurance/Some not

Kathy Myers (kmyers@biodata.com)
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 08:20:03 -0800

At some point in time Dorothy wrote:
> We have a 10 yr old QH that is basically push-button, except
> that he tends to spook himself and pull back when tied to a
> hitching rail. He does not do this when tied to trees.
> However, he did it so badly two months ago that I got a free
> helicopter ride to the nearest big hospital. We want to
> keep this horse and try to break him of this behavior--any
> suggestions?

The best cure I've seen for this is to bring the horse in
and tie him securely to a hitch rack and then just let
him stand there. Every day or every other day for a couple
hours... while you work with the other horses, or baby or
whatever. Just leave him there. He'll learn to stand tied
pretty damn quick. You might also saddle him up first and
then just let him stand tied.

Be sure to tie with something that he can't break and get away.
I've heard really good things about the *heavy duty* bungee
leadropes with bull snaps for horses like this. The best
supply place in my area is a wonderful tack shop right across
from Bay Meadows race track. Funny... they carry a lot of them.

Congratulations on your baby!

:) - kat in No. Cal
and Magnum the TB x-racer who also needed to learn how to
stand tied... and now does it pretty well.