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Re: [endurance] Feed Question

Kathy Myers (kmyers@biodata.com)
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 07:54:15 -0800

At some point in time Becky Hackworth wrote:
> Is dry COB mix not considered a sweet feed and thus OK to feed on a
> daily basis vs omolene 200 which is no longer used on a daily
> basis...bad outcome

I don't know about the "sweet feed" designation, but I have found
that buying oats and corn sepearately (instead of pre-mixed COB)
I get a much better looking grain. As in, I buy a bag of crimped
oats and a bag of rolled corn and then feed them in a mix of 2 lbs
oats to 1 lb corn. The grain looks a lot nicer than I used to get
with COB, there's much less dust, no molasses, and the picky horse
who wouldn't eat the COB (certainly not Magnum the TB wonder pig)
digs right in... which tells me the seperate bags of feed are
fresher and tastier and perhaps higher quality.

Which brings me to something I've wondered a bit about, but not
lost any sleep over: What would the horse get from barly that
they don't get from oats and corn?

And I had a bit of trouble actually finding a place here in the SF
Bay area that sells bags of just rolled corn. I thought I might have
to drive out to my favorite rural feed store 2 hours away. Of course
there's a great BBQ rib place out that way so the trip wouldn't be
a total horse write off. :)

:) - kat in No. Cal
with Magnum the pet.