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Re: [endurance] Akhal Teke in the USA/Import

Wed, 24 Jul 1996 11:47:03 -0400

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In a world where unsolicited offers that seem too good to be true are
just that, my post was indended to be cautionary, not bellicose. EMail is a

wonderful thing, but the anonymity of a web address is a sword with two
edges. If
you wish to sell on the web, be prepared to supply a real name and a street
address. Yes, I have reviewed the web site given above, but I confess I am
pressed to locate a bona fide IDENTITY of anyone directly related to your

/Natalia >>
<<< I have to say that not only is Natalie laden with common sense, the
original post was giving of no credentials, and the response to Nat's "real
world" questions was really obnoxious. Caution unfortunately is a part of
life, and being a shrewd and forthright business person is to be honoured,
not insulted. The Akhal Teke is without doubt a wonderful endurance type
horse - HOWEVER, I don't know about you, but I feel REALLY put upon to be
subjected to constant sales lists (and I couldn't get off of it) as well as
insulting posts. I am sorry, Mr., but your aspersions cast upon American
horse owners/buyers, etc., is getting tiresome. FINALLY, this list is NOT for
the promotion of any one breed, let alone the wholesaling of the same. Is is
me, Steph, or is this just a little much? Natalie, sticks to your guns and
keep asking those questions. Often one doesn't know they've been rooked until
they been ROOKED! Besides, what makes ANYONE think that we don't have many
fine horses right here in the states? Sorry for the diatribe - I've just
heard enough insult. So so so...