ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Akhal Teke in the USA/Import

[endurance] Akhal Teke in the USA/Import

Mon, 22 Jul 1996 09:51:04 -0400


Anyone interested in buying/importing an Akhal Teke for a fixed-ahead price
can contact <akhalteke@aol.com>. There is a transport planned for
spring/early summer 1997 of horses sold directly by the GUS studfarms
(Stavropol, Chagorta, Dagestan), buyers will be able to decide on and buy a
certain horse before transport, thus only freight and import taxes will be
added later (no auction, no other additions, no possibility of others buying
that horse), via video or - if wanted - visiting of the studfarms.

Horses will be tested free of piroplasmosis, young and healthy. Choice will
begin from riding animal for endurance purposes (circa 1.000-4.000$$ selling
price before transport) up to superior breeding animals (8.000-15.000$$),
with all varieties in between. All horses will be thoroughbred Akhal Teke,
registered/bloodtyped with the World Breeding Organisation of Akhal Teke and
have the correct full papers. Only private persons will be accepted as buyers
for this transport, horse merchants please abstain.

There already are several firm buyers for this transport, which will take as
many horses as can be loaded onto a freight plane (which will go directly
from Mineralnye Vodi aeroport in Caucase to the USA) to minimize individual
transportation fees. This transport will be organized by a non-profit
association, thus no intermediary fees, kickbacks or commission money will be
involved, prices paid will be exactly the prices asked for by the studfarms.