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Tue, 23 Jul 1996 13:09:20 -0400

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>In addition, he is now
>getting a FULL complement of amino acids every time he eats. And
>he's getting that high Vitimin A. The only thing that Dynamite doesn't
>have that HT 20 has is the probiotic stuff. I figure that if I had

Kat in No. Ca., Oh but dynamite does have probiotic in its supplements.
Dynapro probiotic is an engredient in regular dynamite and the dynamite plus.
My husband and I tried umpteen different supplements but our horses were
still lacking as they would eat dirt and hoofs were shelly etc. Then we tried
dynamite and love it. so much so that I now sell it and we all take their
vitamins. My husbands horse now that we feed probiotic before, during and
after the ride has excellent gut sounds. We keep a bottle of relax and
probiotic in out first aid bag should we suspect a tummy ache. The best thing
as you said it is balanced ..ca/p. I'm glad it's working for you.
Linda and
Egypts (ding bat) Sareei.(just came back from riding and my hoss was full of
it. He's mad at me cause I didn't let him stop to eat at his favorite
meadow...getting dark and boy does he pout. He'll stick his nose in the air
and not look at me.) Wonder if anyone else has a horse that pouts?