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[endurance] Growing feet

Kathy Myers (kmyers@biodata.com)
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 15:13:12 -0800

Hi Everyone!

Here I am, writing from work again. New work address...
I keep meaning to write from home, but when I get there, I
don't really want to see or touch a computer. :)

But feet... I just gotta write. I have had the Magnum horse
on biotin for over a year now. It helped a lot, but not enough.
I have also found that a good biotin supplement is not the only
factor in the whole equation. Turns out that Ca+/P balance is
also really important... and I managed to screw that one up last
winter. So... another rough spring and lots of equilox for the
short, fat, dumpy bay TB. (who can run really really fast).

I have used Select Nu Hoof (pretty good stuff), Farrier's Formula
(not such good results for us) and HT 20 (I like this one, but did
not use it long enough to get any results). To keep from losing my
farrier and friend, I put him on Dynamite, Dynamite hoof, and 1 to 2
pounds of the Dynamite feed. After what it did for his friend Jessie,
how could I not do this? The result:

!In 5 weeks!, I had new hoof growth. Enough to trim. 5 weeks. It's
amazing. And he has "yellow sole" which I am told only happens in
horses with really good foot. Like, he's a TB. Now, I don't sell
this stuff, but he's got good weight (he's hard to keep weight on too
... over his back, not that hay belly) and he's NOT HOT. no kidding.
He gets really hot on Omalene 200, on Natural Glo, and on Equine Senior.
Yesterday, I was scratching his face and he started to fall asleep
on my arm... only his head is way to heavy for me to hold up. :)
Who could not love this horse?

What I figure is: not only is he now on a high biotin + synergistic
supplements, but he is also balanced Ca+/P. In addition, he is now
getting a FULL complement of amino acids every time he eats. And
he's getting that high Vitimin A. The only thing that Dynamite doesn't
have that HT 20 has is the probiotic stuff. I figure that if I had
balanced alfalfa/rice bran AND remembered to add a little corn to his
oats (to give him a FULL complement of amino acids) then I could have
gotten good results with HT 20 too. Might have needed that high
vitamin A though. Anyways, Dynamite is doing it for us so we're
stickin' to it.

Remember, it's not just the biotin. And they need this stuff balanced
every time they eat... not bran in the morning and alfalfa in the
evening, but a bit of both at both feedings. I'll keep you posted, but
I hope to have his feet grown back by the end of August. Finally.

:) - kat in No. Cal ...magnumsmom@aol.com
and Magnum the TB ex-race horse ... who over heard that comment at the
last ride "Isn't that horse a bit fat?". Well, to whoever you are:
I'll remind you that's a BOLD RULER topline / hay belly!