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[endurance] Equitana

Tue, 23 Jul 1996 07:48:24 -0400

Endurance was well-received at Equitana in Louisville, KY. Until this year,
Equitana, an international horse affair, has been held in Europe. The US
reception was so over-whelming that there is much talk about having here
again next year. Over 600 venders set up booths, including the American
Endurance Ride Conference - thanks to Valerie Kanavy.

Valerie donated her time to give a one-hour lecture and demonstration every
day for four days in exchange for the AERC booth. Connie Caudil, Amy Whelan,
Diane Potts, Susan Philpot, Lois and Bob McAfee, Virgina Ingram, Tracy
Ingram, and, of course, Valerie Kanavy, put in many hours at the booth. (I
apologize if I left anyone out.) Jim Rogan and myself, Genie Stewart-Spears,
did the riding demonstration for Valerie and also were the demonstration
riders for Susan Harris' Centered Riding lecture.

Sheila Noel's horse, GT Satoy, was the most photographed horse at the event.
Susan Harris painted the skeletal system on one side of Satoy and the
muscles on the other. Satoy was handled alternately by Julie Stout and
Sheila (both endurance riders) during Susan Harris' Gaits and Movement

For those of you that missed Equitana, watch for it next year. And don't
miss the Mane Event where many, many breeds are represented in a fabulous
show of elaborate costumes and performing breathtaking stunts and manuevers!

Genie Stewart-Spears