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[endurance] Horse Vacation Stopovers

Nat & Richard (trailride@foothill.net)
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 18:43:32 -0700

We are planning an addition to our web site that lists B&B's, ranches
and so forth that offer stopover services to people traveling long
distances with their horses.

For now, we are focusing on the western US only. We have a few
identified so far:

Pegasus, Nehalem, OR
Washoe Valley's Laura L. Ranch, Carson City, NV
The Tudor Rose, Salida, CO
Saddle Mountain Guest Ranch, Crawford, CO

If you know of others we can consider, please email whatever details you
have. There is no charge for inclusion on the page.

Basic info to be presented will include,

Closest Highway
Closest Cities
Street Address
EMail Address (if any)
Situated Near
Web Site URL (if any)

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