ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] 215 runners & 38 horses smokin'

[endurance] 215 runners & 38 horses smokin'

Dinah (dinah@vermontel.com)
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 17:56:24 -0400

Cool (even for Vermont - partly cloudy with highs in the low 70s and breezy
) weather created a record breaker on this yesterday's race. Completion rate
was a bit higher than usual at 53%. The judges were Don Kieffer (VA), Nancy
Loving (CO), Tina Ochrymowych, Jim O'Kretki (NY), Steve Purdy and Ann
Donaldson (VT). Lameness was the leading cause off non completions.

1996 Top Ten finishers and riding times:
Linda Crandell-L R Forgeym-12:00:00
Chrisie Unser-Nugget-12:00:01
Patti Pizzo-Savaq-12:00:02
Ellen Tully-Ramegwa Bahrain-12:00:03
Paul Kendall-Taris-13:05:00
Kathy Downs-Kasanovia-13:11:00 -Best Condition
Lana Wright-Amarus Natalda-13:54:00
Connie Walker-DML Smoke Silver-14:43:00
Steve Rojek-Sage-14:55:00
Wendy Bejerano-Khiam-15:09:02