ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Improving Gut Sounds

[endurance] Improving Gut Sounds

Diane E. Nelson (nelsonde@ttown.apci.com)
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 13:31:18 -0400 (EDT)

Finally, here is something you CAN do to improve gut sounds during a
competition. I have mentioned in passing that we have been using Pro-Bi
from ABC in conjunction with EnduraLites. Quite a few people have asked
me about the product so here is a description of the ingredients...

Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product
Aloe Vera
L. Salivarius
Chlorophyll liquid
Violet Leaves

Many of you will recognize the herbs which have a calmative effect on the
body's digestive system.

Pro-Bi should be used when the horse is subject to stressful conditions:
travel, competitions, changes of feed/environment, administration of
antibiotics and dewormers, general digestive upset including the onset of colic.

Normal dosages are 3 ml (a "pump") AM/PM for general use. If colic is
suspected, the recommended dose is 30 ml immediately, call the vet.

For our mare (and perhaps many other mares!), who is subject to digestive
distress, we found that she does best with 10-20 ml Pro-Bi mixed with 1.5
oz of EnduraLites. Just before dosing, we add perhaps another 10-15 ml
water to the mix. We also administer 30 ml mid-ride. Other horses might
use much less.

It mixes very well with electrolytes but should only be prepared the
morning of the competition as it could ferment if you are using
electrolytes with a sugar base.

We place the electrolyte/Pro-Bi slurry in a small Nalgene bottle with a
screw cap and place a piece of duct tape around the cap to be sure it
stays in place.

We have had many discussions in this forum on the harshness of
electrolytes on a horse's system. Many of you have commented that once
electrolytes have been administered, the horse "shuts down" and refuses
to eat or drink--so you wait until heading out of the vet check to try to
overcome that scenario. We have found that Pro-Bi is extremely palatable
and makes administering the electrolyte less of a chore. We taste tested
this on Miss B whose delicate sensibilities are a good indicator of
whether or not the preparation will be "tolerated". No, I won't use
Kasey as the taste-tester since he's the one who stole a ham 'n swiss
with horseradish on wheat hoagie from me--that simply would not be a fair

You may also use this product on your companion pets. It works great on
kitties with hairball problems or with allergies to food dyes in
commercial feeds.

I can ship a 16 oz bottle of Pro-Bi for $33 (includes any applicable
taxes). If interested, please email your snail mail address and I will
forward an order form. Or call me in the evenings at 610-366-0685 and lv
a message. Or send a check for $33.00 payable to Diane Nelson: Safe
Haven Specialties, P.O. Box 3274, Allentown, PA 18106.

Ask fellow competitors--you may be surprised how many folks are becoming
aware of this wonderful product!

Diane @ Safe Haven