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Re: [endurance] Injuries and other stupid things we do....

Wed, 17 Jul 1996 13:19:08 -0400

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>Any other "war stories" out there?

Boy, I don't know of any endurance riders that don't have some good war
stories. My worst one and by other riders standards is not that bad ( the
more bones broken, the more prestige) was on a training ride. We were
trotting down a hill and Sareei stumbled, I went off and my horse did a
complete belly to the sky flip (just like in the cowboy shows) and landed on
top of me. Couldn't breath for a moment.(hard ro do with 850lbs.on your chest
but came out of it with scrapes and bruises only. That's how my horse messed
up his back. The front of my saddle and stirrup were crushed so had to jog
the 11 miles back to the trailer. Thank goodness it was all down hill but
talk about sore shins the next day. Linda and Egypts El Sareei P.S. I want
to note when ever I go out by myself I leave a note as to where I'm going and
for how long and always carry ON me a fanny pack with a cellar phone. 2 years
ago an endurance rider's horse fell and the rider laid 5 hrs. with a broken
leg till 11 p.m. while search and recuse hunted for her. the worst part of it
she told me was when the coyotes started to circle around her. Linda from