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[endurance] Thanks For Responses

Bonnie Snodgrass (snodgrab@ncr.disa.mil)
Tue, 16 Jul 96 11:53:26 EST

Just wanted to say thank you to every one who responded to my
questions about tack and saddle slipping. I have placed an order for a
Sport Saddle after having the chance to borrow one from a local rider,
Bob Walsh. Bob has generously loaned me his original saddle. He now
owns two!

As for the saddle movement problem: I have borrowed a crupper to strap
to the Sport Saddle. Tried it on my jump saddle with the leather "T"
inserted into the gullet. I snugged the crupper up (too tight?) and
lunged Finn. One goose from the crupper at the trot and Finn bucked,
the crupper popped loose from the saddle and slid down his tail. Finn
looked smug. I rode sans crupper and at the trot the saddle started
creeping. I've ordered a crupper with a metal "T", and a foregirth
plus shorter girth for my dressage saddle. I hope to do some dressage
shows with Finn also so have decided to purchase the needed leather

Pat Taylor of Welcome Md. has bought a nice Arab/ASB gelding and I've
been helping to condition him. He's about 15.3 h and can Trot! Pat's a
real featherweight too. Watch for him next year.

Bonnie Snodgrass