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Joyce Kellenberger (joyce@homer.ca.boeing.com)
Mon, 15 Jul 96 23:15:27 PDT

> I live outside of Phx AZ and am currently constructing a 3 acre mini ranch.
> I would like to do rotation of pastures on 2 of the acres for minimum
> turnout, mostly feed consumption. But the problem with watering a pasture
> that large in the desert is VERY costly. So I've been looking for
> alternative grasses that are drought resistant and nutrious. I read an
> article on Buffalo grass a long time ago and remember that it was very
> drought resistant (anyone else heard of buffalo grass?). I figure if I could
> get away with watering 1 time a week in our high temps then I could afford
> it. Any ideas on grass types for Equine endurance horses and mares and
> foals? I would very much appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
> Cheryl Newbanks
> Buckeye, AZ

Contact the agriculture department of the closest college for information.
The University of Washington here in Washington State has a pamphlet about
small pasture management for our state and it's really informative. Of
course it wouldn't help in your climate, but I'm willing to bet you may
find the information you need at the college. >