ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] AERC numbers on horses

[endurance] AERC numbers on horses

Leif Neland (leifn@roskildebc.dk)
13 Jul 96 07:54:42 +0200

o> Subject: [endurance] AERC Numbers on Horses
o> Lindy writes:
o> <Hey!
o>>Great Idea on using AERC# on the horses hips. This would also
o>help >ride
o>>management on the non-aerc people.
o> I believe that this is not such a hot idea. How many times have
o> you seen requests on how to remove numbers, do you want 4 or more
o> numbers on your horse?

Why do you put the numbers on the horse? In Denmark we put the number on the
rider, just like on athletics-people; one on the chest and one on the back.
Often these numbers are sponsored and carry a company name. And the
endurance-department of the Danish riding society have a set of numbers which
are used for many rides. (We rarely if ever have two rides on the same date).

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