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[endurance] Anyone Looking For A Tevis Horse?

Gardner Family (slsf@foothill.net)
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 15:38:26 -0700

We have a beautiful, big strong athletic bay gelding who has been
trained on the Tevis trail and is READY TO GO TO THE RIDE for sale. This
horse is 12 years old, has been superbly cared for. He had been conditioned
on mountainous terrain in the heat. He has been lightly raced for 4 years
with a heavyweight rider, is completly sound and sane but loves to compete.
He's been 1st heavyweight at the Virginia City 100 twice
has been 4th at the American River 70 on a blazing fast race year.
Asking price $3500.
Anyone interested can try him, at our place in Auburn.


Sue and Phil Gardner
slsf Arabians
or e-mail at slsf@foothill.net