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Re: [endurance] grease pencils markings

Linda Flemmer (CVLNURS@CHKD-7.evms.edu)
Tue, 09 Jul 1996 10:45:34 -0500 (EST)

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Subject: Re: [endurance] grease pencils markings
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You wrote:
> This may be a silly question but here goes anyway... Does anyone
> have an efficient way to remove the grease pencil markings from your horse's
> hip after a ride?

It is far easier to remove the markings when they are fresh! Once
they have dried after a couple of days, they almost have to wear off.
I have had success with baby oil and with **GOOP** hand soap (+ elbow
grease) - NOT GOO. Once the marks were older, these helped but
currying did the most.

If the marks are fresh (hours old) plain soap works. I was at a
ride were I was # 501 on one side & 564 on the other. The person
marking had other things on their mind, I guess. To correct the
marks, I washed the incorrect mark off with plain hand soap without
any problems and remarked the horse.
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I REALLY think that we ought to use our AERC horse ID numbers as a
permanent number! No washing them off - just an occasional touch up!
Folks without an AERC #/membership would be faced with changing their #'s
every ride like we're doing now. It sure would be an additional incentive
for joining AERC.

Any ride managers & AERC Competition Committee members out there?
What do you think?

Linda Flemmer
ABF Challenger ("Rocket") & Eternal Point ("Major")
Blue Wolf Ranch
Chesapeake, VA

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