ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] AERC ride calendar updated

[endurance] AERC ride calendar updated

Michael K Maul (mmaul@micro.ti.com)
Tue, 9 Jul 96 08:34:31 CDT

the web calendar for endurance rides has been updated - this time before
the info is available from the endurance news. the staff has been
nice enough to provide me with an advance copy of the calendar which
will appear in next months edition.

as always - the calendar is not supported by the aerc and all errors
and typos are the sole responsibility of your manual entry support -
mike maul and russ humphrey. please let me know if you see any items
that need correction.

if anyone without access to the web would like an text copy - please
let me know at


houston, tx

and for those who wonder why i never use caps/' in my mail - i am a slow
two fingered typist and its much faster for me this way.