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[endurance] LMF feed & High horse??

MARISA---,'-@ ("MARISA---,'-@")
Sun, 7 Jul 1996 18:50:52 -0700 (PDT)

Hey y'all! Life at this end of the world has pretty much sucked lately.
I'm hoping maybe somebody out there can give me some insight.... But
before I get started, this is -NOT- about "I hate my Arabian" (in fact I
LOVE arabs), and it's not about "I hate my high horse" (her high-ness
<<pun intended>> has never been a problem). That said, HELP!

Has anybody had any problems with LMF feed making their horse *REALLY*
high? Special is getting 3 lbs of LMF endurance G on off days, and 6 lbs
on days I ride her. (this is what the vet told me to give her) She was
laid off for 6 weeks (tied-up, abcess, I hurt my back), and I just started
riding her again about 2 weeks ago. We've been doing lot's of arena work,
lunging, 1 road ride, and 3 or 4 trail rides. None of it is "training
riding". The problem? She's acting -C-r-A-z-Y-!!!! I've dealt with
"hard to ride" from the beginning with this horse. That's why I got her,
cuz nobody else could (or wanted to) ride her. -Extremely high- is
normal for her. She's not the first trail horse I've trained, and she
turned into an -incredible- trail horse. (Or she was...) The
arena riding has gone pretty well. I always have a rodeo with her,
the first time or two she's ridden, after a lay off. But she's
much worse this time. And out on the trail she's a *NIGHTMARE*. I know
all the basic tricks for teaching a horse to walk, when they don't want
to (circles/doubling, backing, leg yields, side passing, etc. etc. etc.).
We've always dealt with this. But what I'm dealing with now, is just
basically, out-of-her-mind craziness. And there is no "let her run till
she's tired", I'd need 30 miles. NOT! I've gone over and over it in my
head, and the only thing I can think of, is that maybe it's the feed. I'm
going to call the vet in the morning, and take her off of it untill
further notice. Is there anything else it could be?? I don't think she's
in heat. She had a selenium shot about a week ago. I'm at a
loss....Heart-sick, tired, frustrated, and sore all over. If anybody has
any ideas I'd really appreciate hearing them.

Thanks!! If it would help, I could post the ingredient list for the feed.

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