ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Saddle Rides Forward

[endurance] Saddle Rides Forward

Bonnie Snodgrass (snodgrab@ncr.disa.mil)
Fri, 05 Jul 96 14:05:59 EST

This is the first horse I've ever had this problem on. I have a new
4yr old Arab that I've been doing some very light lunge work with. As
a matter of fact I got on him for the first time yesterday. I've tried
3 different saddles on him and everyone of them shifts forward about
2-3 inches once he start trotting. They end up way up his withers and
over the top of his shoulders. One saddle is my very wide dressage
saddle, actually a very nice fit on him, one is my med/wide jump
saddle which is a smidgeon too narrow so won't be used again on him,
and the third is a borrowed Sport Saddle. When the Sport Saddle
shifted too I knew it has to be his current body build. At the girth,
meaning his heart girth area just behind his elbows, he is
significantly smaller than a few inches back where the saddle girth
actually gets placed. He has a very round rib cage and a healthy grass
belly at this point and no development of the shoulders or chest area
yet. He's just had 2 wks of work so far and has months and months of
growing and developing to come.

Anyway, after starting to trot on the line I see the girth slip
forward to just behind the elbows and the saddle follows it forward.
Will a crupper stop this? Will I have to adjust it pretty snugly to
stop the saddle motion and will this be too tight and cause
irritation? I've always had horses with good sized withers and
shoulders and never needed a crupper for hill work so I've never used
one before. Do you need to pad a crupper if you use it daily?

Has anyone had this problem with their horse and solved it??? Any
suggestions will be appreciated.

Bonnie Snodgrass