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>I'm reading this thread about safety & longer reins w/ interest. I
>ride w/ 10' (& sometimes longer) reins so that I can tail when I need
>to. I have never had a problem, but I can see that the potential is

HELLO! I have to ask if the original post was from a person with a good
riding background. I mean, in your past riding instruction, did your
instructor ever explain how to hold your reins, with the "bite" of the rein
placed over the withers of the horse? I have wondered why this is not being
taught anymore. In my youth (not SOOOO long ago), it was commonplace to teach
proper rein length and grasp AND also the parts of the rein. Clearly, the
need for a little longer rein is apparent for distance riding; however,
having reins long enought to tail does not necessitate having one's reins
hanging to the ground while mounted. Shorten them up appropriately and allow
the 'bite" to lay as it should: along the withers or shoulder, in from the of
your saddle. One's reins should NEVER be allowed to dangle in a fashion so as
to allow a foot of either horse or rider to slip through it. Personally, that
would frighten me to death.