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[endurance] Easyboot removal

Linda Cowles @ PCB x5624 (linda_cowles@MENTORG.COM)
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 15:38:45 -0700

In response to a statement that someone made regarding problems taking
Easyboots off, I'm posting a technique that works great on barefoot horses,
and should work ok on shod feet. Removing boots was *hell* before I figured
this out. Two of my horses are barefoot behind except when ridden, and I
usually ride one and pony the other, so I spent a lot of time swearing.

I tried using boots one size too big to make removal easier and was loosing
them all of the time.

I bend the prongs on new boots so that they aren't sticking out much; this
alone helps a lot. My boots are fit very tight, and never come off during a
ride with the prongs bent down this way.

The only tool I use for removal is a cheap 6 inch slot screwdriver.

1. pull the clasp up by wedging the screwdriver under the clasp, parallel
to the ground, until half of the screwdriver is sticking out each side
of the clasp. pull up with one hand on the screwdriver handle and
one hand on the end.

2. pick the hoof up as to clean the hoof (toe down, frog vertical)

3. put the screwdriver between the hoof and the boot on the inside of
the hoof where the prongs are, pushing the screwdriver to the sole
of the boot. I shove the screwdriver in between the two sets of prongs
(halfway between the screws).

4. push the screwdriver handle away from the hoof, prying the boot away
from the hoof and pushing that side of the boot off (partially).

5. repeat step 3 and 4 on the outside of the hoof.

The boot should be close to coming off. I slide the handle towards the heel
at the end of step 5 and the boot pops off or can be easily pulled off.

It use to take me forever, and now it's 5 minutes for 2 horses. I do lots
of cantering and trotting in all sorts of footing (mud and creeks), and
have boots that are tightly fit to stay on until I take them off.

Good Luck!
Linda Cowles
Gilroy, California