ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Endurance List/Appropriate Topics

Re: [endurance] Endurance List/Appropriate Topics

Patricia Chase (ponies@eznet.com)
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 09:01:27 -0800

>Hey Folks, & Stephanie - Our list moderator:
>I enjoy the List and the page that you (Stephanie) have organized,
>but I seea disturbing trend on the list to discuss subjects that would
> be more appropriate on Rec.equestrian, or the Equine List. Just the other
>day I received an "announcement" that someone's new trailer arrived!
>AARGH!!! (Nice for them, but is it of interest to the List?!?!?!)
>I was under the impression that the list's topic was trail
>riding/competitive/endurance. Am I wrong? If it IS,consider this
>a friendly reminder to the List.
>Stephanie - Thank you for putting so much work into the development and
>running of the List & page! To all of the folks who discuss timely topics -
>keep up the good work! I wish more of the "Specialty" lists had the depth
>of knowledge and experience that the folks here bring to the discussions.
> More & More folks are starting to"hear" about us!
>Linda Flemmer Blue Wolf Equestrian Supplies/ Blue Wolf Ranch
>Look, a lot of things are relevant to the subject of endurance riding, and
I, for one, do not mind at all hearing about someone' new trailer, personal
safety issues and other peripheral topics. I do not subscribe to any other
mailing lists, due to lack of time.
I would like to continue to get a variety of information from this one. If
you don't want to read about a particular topic, why not just delete it, and
allow others to enjoy this system the way it is?